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The Executive Committee may if it considers in its opinion to expel the member from the Association or to suspend him from membership in exercising his rights of membership for a specified period, intimate the member ofits decision in doing so and to showcause if any against such decision. The Executive Committee may if it so think it necessary permit a personal heating also to the member before taking a final decision and inflicting the punishment.

Article VI : President

The President shall be primarily responsible for the management of the affairs of the Association in accordance with the bye-laws and Regulations of the Association and the decision of the Executive Committee. He shall preside over all meetings of the Executive Committee and the General Body meeting, ifhe is available in such meeting.

Article VII : General Secretary

1.  The General Secretary shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Association. He shall be responsible to maintain the books connected       with the management of the Association, preserve the records and belongings of the
      Association and control the work of the staff. He has the power to initiate and arrange the completion of disciplinary action against the       staff.
2. The General Secretary shall convene the General Meetings of the Association, if so resolved by the Executive Committee or       requisitioned as per Article XII. The General Secretary shall also convene the Meeting of the
      Executive Committee on such date and at such time which he may decide or if so resolved by the Executive Committee or required by       the President. The General Secretary shall maintain correct and proper proceedings of all Meetings of the Executive Committee and the       General Body.
3.  No amount shall be spent by the General Secretary without the sanction of the Executive Committee or the General Body, except for       matters arising in the ordinary course of the management.
4.  The General Secretary shall be the competent authority to sue and/or to be sued.
5.  The General Secretary shall be responsible for the finance of the Association.

Article VIII : Treasurer

      The duties of Treasurer shall be:
1.  To collect or cause to be collected, all subscriptions, donations and all amounts payable to Association.
2.  To make payments on behalf of the Association as may be directed by the Committee from time to time, against proper vouchers duly       passed by the General Secretary.
3.  To invest all amounts in excess of the current requirements of the Association in the Bank as may be directed by the Committee.
4.  And to sign receipts for monies payable to
      the Association and it shall be the duty of General Secretary to account for all monies received by him or disbursed through him on       behalf of the Association.

Article IX : Bankers

       The Association shall have accounts with such Bank or Banks as shall be authorized by the Committee from time to time and shall be        operated jointly by President or General Secretary with Treasurer.

Article X : Accounts

      The following Books of Accounts shall be maintained:-
1.   Cash Book showing daily receipts and expenditure, and the balance at the end of each day.
2.   Receipts Book, containing forms in duplicate, one of each set to be issued with details for money received by the Association and the        other to serve as counterfoil.
3.    Voucher file, containing all vouchers for contingent and other expenditure incurred by the Association.
4.    Ledger showing consolidated and separate accounts of all items of expenditure incurred and receipts.
5.    Or any other Register or Ledger as specified by the Executive Committee.

Article XI : Meetings

1.   Annual General Body Meeting
      Once in a year Annual General Body Meeting of all the members will be conducted as in the bye-law.
2.   Extra-ordinary General Body Meeting
      Other than Annual General Body Meeting, the Committee shall summon for Extra - ordinary General Body Meeting of all Members as in       the bye-law.
3.   Special Meeting
      The Executive Committee shall organize special meeting and functions, for fellowship and get together or for any other matter        considered necessary.

Article XII :

a.   Annual General Body Meeting
1.   As per the constitution a General Body Meeting of the members to be convened every year by giving not less than 21 days’ notice to       receive and consider and approve the Annual Report and Accounts of the Association and a copy of the Balance Sheet certified by at       least two members of the governing body, shall be filed with the Registrar within 21 days from the date of the General Body Meeting       and to appoint Auditors of the Association, to elect the Office-bearers once in 3 years and the list of the governing body shall be filed
      with the Registrar within 14 days after the date of the Annual General Body Meeting and to discuss any other business as may be       considered necessary.
2.   The Annual General Body Meeting should be conducted before 30th June of every year.

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