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 Bhama  an up-coming talented Actress from the blooming Malayalam Film Industry, is dazzling everyone with her striking performances & abducting hearts of millions through her cute & innocent looks is with us to share some of her minutiae & experiences from the Glamour World.

  So, Ms. Rekhitha alias Bhama, tell us how it feels to be a part of the Glamour Industry?
I feel myself proud and it’s my luck to be working in the industry...I thank god almighty.
 How you got into the fascinating field of Cinema?
As I was doing a temporary tv programme after my schooling, on seeing that   programme director Lohithadas sir given me a call soon. he was invited me to his new film named 'NIVEDYAM'.
 Your debut Film “Nivedyam” directed by reverend Director Late Lohitadas had offered you with a Big Career Leap. Did it open doors to promising roles?
It was my great opening for me to this industry and with god grace. i was blessed to work with great director Lohi sir.
 Where do you rate “Nivedyam” on your performance scale?
I can’t judge myself. As it now i think i should have done little better at that time.
 Moving on… Tell us something about your family? 
Father (late),  Mother, two elder sisters and grand ma. 
 Did your parents support you, to take-up acting as a profession?
Yup...with full support..
 Where did you do your schooling? Did you try your acting skills in School days?
Infant Jesus Bethany convent girls high school and St.mary’s higher secondary school, Manarcadu, Kottayam...I never used to participate none of the programmes on my schooling days..
  You were into anchoring before getting into films; did it help you in anyway?
Anchoring is different Acting is different. So it never worked out each other.
 If not being a actress, what was your ambition to be?
I was not in the industry; I would have continued my studies.
  Some of your films post “Nivedyam” didn’t do well in the Box-Office & now you are back with a smashing hit in “Ivar Vivahitarayal”. How was the experience working in “Ivar Vivahitarayal” ?
Everything was god’s gift to me. It was my great experience and luck to work with that crew
 How do you assess your performance in each film?  What improvement you bring to your acting when you take up new project?
When I came to 'Nivedyam' I was like a new born baby. From that film I have got lot of experience. When reached up to this film ''EVAR VIVAHITHARAYAL'' I was so confident and I would present my blessed in me..
 You possess a cute & serene look, but the characters portrayed by you are contrarily different. So what kind of person are you in real life?
I’m a simple girl.
 What are your upcoming projects?
Malayalam film   'KHILAFATH' dubbing pending.  Upcoming   project NEELAMBARI’. Next two films discussion ongoing. Telugu film named, ‘MANCHIVADU’ releasing on May, Banner Super Good films. Kannada film named, 'MODALASALA' releasing on April. Tamil discussion   going on.
 Your Favorite Attire, Cuisines & hobbies?
I think I can present a different style by me.
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